Products & Tech

With continuous research, innovation and investment in core technologies like advanced vision, sensor performance, endurance, autonomy, communications and ruggedization our customers know that we offer the best in class solutions for them.



Drone Power and Control Station in a Box

All-in-one full solution stack for aerial logistics, security, & traffic management


AI powered urban drone

Safer, more silent & more efficient aerial vehicle for urban environment

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Long lasting Eye-in-the-Sky

Completely modular, plug-&-play, able to fly for days  until the power disruption, Can be powered with the automobile also. Day & night coverage of 5 km radius area up to a human detection range. Very intuitive GUI for 5-touch operations. Power-line communication with total stealth & security


Safest medium range delivery Drone

Low footprint with land-anywhere capability, modular coaxial rotor aerial vehicle, comes with hybrid-electric power system for relatively long endurance capability

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